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Notice to customers from overseas

Welcome to SALON D'ARTS.

This site is an online selling site that

you can purchase products of Parfaite and SILHOUETTE.

Please select your understandable language

in the “GOOGLE translation” on the upper right.

This site will change to the most friendly site for you.

And if the item you want is here, please select the item

of your choice and press the purchase button.

If the language setting of your PC is not Japanese,

the cart system for overseas shipment will be activated.

Payment of the price of goods can be paid by

credit card or PayPal.

Shipping fee is calculated automatically,

but there is a possibility that tariffs will occur

depending on circumstances of each country.

Questions concerning tariffs can not be answered on us.

Please contact the customs authorities of the country

you live in, thank you.

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